About Copco


Copco was founded in 1960 as a porcelain-enameled, cast iron cookware company. Cast iron cookware had previously been very traditional in its design, leaving an opening in the market for cookware to be fashion-forward in color and shape, yet durable and functional to withstand years of use. The porcelain-enameled coating used on this style of cookware eventually led to the finish being applied onto steel, creating the first Copco teakettle in 1962.

Today, Copco is the leading manufacturer of teakettles. We offer more than 50 different styles of teakettles in an array of colors and stainless steel finishes. We incorporate features that address comfort and safety such as heat-resistant, ergonomic handles and various whistle mechanisms to fit consumer preferences, from plug-in whistles to whistles that are built right into the lid.

With a history that spans over 40 years, Copco has taken its experience and knowledge of creating functional yet stylish teakettles and has grown and evolved into thermal mugs and carafes, barware, kitchen storage and organization and food preparation. Although ever-changing in product offerings, Copco remains constant in providing products that are trend-correct in color and style while incorporating the latest technologies to provide the highest quality products.

With these fundamentals, the Copco brand represents the true meaning of style, design and function.