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November 2007
Bon Appétit

Title: Bon Vivant
Product: Mario Batali Cargo Apron, Persimmon

“Like a cook’s no-nonsense tool belt, this has cargo pockets for stashing everything from spoons to towels.”


October 2007
Good Housekeeping

Title: The Goods.
Products: Mario Batali Mozzarella Slicer,
4 Qt. Risotto Pan,
14”Pizza Pan and Non-stick Pizza Wheel

Rick Bayless Cazuela, Tortilla Steamer, Avocado Masher and Avocado Scoop


September 11, 2007
Woman’s World

Title: This Week’s Hot Trend
Product: Apple Tea Kettle

“So cute in the kitchen!”


October 2007
Better Homes and Gardens

Title: Food
Product: Rick Bayless, The

“…nifty avocado scoop and masher, which removes the fruit from its peel in one neat move.”


May 28, 2007
Home Furnishings Now

Title: Teakettles, etc.
Product: Whimsy Tea Kettle

Quote:“A colorful character from Copco.”


March 26, 2007
Home Furnishings Now

Title: Cook’s Tour of Chicago
Product: Gravity Tea Kettle

Quote:“Innovations in cookware and bakeware seen at the recent International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago aim to make preparing food and drink less of a chore.”


March 21, 2007
Daily Herald

Title: I’ll Drink to That
 Gravity Tea Kettle

Quote: “No buttons to push or handles to squeeze – gravity takes over Copco’s aptly named Gravity tea kettle. Just tip and the lid glides out of the way.“


January 2007
Log Home Design

Title: One Essential, Four Ideas
Product: Blue Bristol Tea Kettle

Quote: Listed along with the “Retro“ stove.


December/ January 2007
From House to Home

Title: Time for Tea
Product: Red Avanti Tea Kettle

Quote: “The Avanti tea kettle by Copco will add the perfect slash of color to your holiday entertaining.“


September 1, 2006
All You

Title: Your Home
Product: Savvy Terra Cotta

Quote: “Show off your sophisticated side by sipping coffee from a mug that comes in a faux-leather removable sleeve.”


Winter 2005
Home Furnishings Now

Title: Room X Room Index
Product: SCantaro Tea Kettle

Quote: “Push button makes for easy pouring.“


August 2005
Shop Etc.

Title: 5 Great Add-Ons that are Worth the Splurge
Product: Swivel Container

Quote: “This genius device fits into any standard cup holder and keeps everything within reach”


July 2005
Real Simple

Title: Fill ‘R Up
Product: Urban Professional Travel Mug

Quote: “If you trip on flat pavement, this mug’s for you.””


April 7, 2005
Washington Post

Title: Geeks and Geezers
Product: Bagel Slicer

Quote: “Part hip, part helpful”


May 2005
Family Fun

Quote: “Re-purpose a tiered expandable pantry organizer as a showcase for toys…”


June/ July 2004
Budget Living Magazine

Title: The Goods on Entertaining
Product: Copco/Karim Rashid Bottle Openers

Quote: “…so cute, so colorful and so, um, uncanny that you might actually want to upgrade to beer in a bottle.”


April 2004
InStyle Magazine

Title: WiseBuys
Product: Tip N Mix Bowls and Eclipse Navy Nylon Tools

Quote: “Sturdy (Tip N Mix) melamine sets stay stable when tipped for mixing.”


March 2004
Men’s Health Magazine

Title: Grate Expectations
Product: SmartGadgets Graters

Quote: “Copco’s ergonomic Smart Gadgets were made for guys like us – long on good intentions, short on Jaime Oliver’s skills.”


January 2004
Good Housekeeping

Title: Power of Paint
Subtitle: Splashes of Red
Product: Red Sonic Tea Kettle

Quote: “Red is the hot new color for kitchens, from rugs to walls to teapots.”


December 21, 2003
Philadelphia Inquirer

Title: Cool for the Kitchen
Subtitle: High-style Barware
Product: Copco/Karim Rashid barware

Quote: “Design and utility are a great combination in the room where people love to gather.”


December 8, 2003
Fortune Magazine

Title: The 25 Best Products of the Year
Product: Copco/ Karim Rashid Bottle Openers

Quote: This “opener fits perfectly in the hand and its candy-colored rim makes it easy to find in the drawer.”


December 2003
InStyle Magazine

Title: Red Hot Holiday Gift Guide
Subtitle: Fun Stuff
Product: Copco/Karim Rashid Bottle Openers


November 23, 2003
San Francisco Chronicle

Title: When it Pours, Drink Tea
Product: Copco/ Karim Rashid Dunk Tea Kettle

Quote: “Pots and kettles to make you smile even in winter”


November 2003
Woman’s Day Kitchens and Baths (Special Interest Publication)

Title: Happy Hour Hues
Product: Copco/Karim Rashid Ice Bucket

Quote: “Fun things to add fizz to your bar”


October 2003

Title: Gotta Try It!
Subtitle: A Sleek New Coffee Carrier
Product: Copco/ Karim Rashid Pink Jive Travel Mug

Quote: “stays hotter longer inside insulated plastic and won’t spill thanks to a lid that clicks closed.”